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The concrete placing boom is used widely for horizontal concrete placing at roof of buildings, by using which the overall working efficiency of the project can be promoted. The balance valve and solenoid directional valve are products of well-known brand. The main electric components are from Omron or Schneider.
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  • 1. The placing boom has a R-shaped boom assembly with three foldable sections, which can swing through 360 degrees while luffing, folding/unfolding, thus allowing it to place concrete to form walls, pipes, columns, piles and other vertical structures without confined placement areas.
    2. The boom assembly`s luffing, folding/unfolding and swinging are carried out hydraulically with buttons.
    3. Featuring compact structure, the placing boom can be lifted and transferred to any suitable places for concrete placement, such as floors, platforms, simply-structured racks or even trailers. It does not need to be fixed while working. In addition, it can be lifted off the placement sites when it is not needed, which leads to no disturbance to other jobs and easy maintenance.
    4. The machine is well fit for the construction of different floors and for complicated jobsites without being influenced by the size and shape of floors. 
  • Model HGY11 HGY13 HGY15 HGY17 HGY21
    1 Horizontal (m) 11.2 13 15 17 21
    2 Length of Booms (m) 1st section 6 3.7 6 6.67 7.95
    2nd section 5.2 4.5 5 5.73 6.95
    3rd section - 4.8 4 4.6 6.1
    3 Articulation of Booms (°) 1st section -3~86.5 -2~84.4 0~90
    2nd section 0~180 0~180
    3rd section - 0~180
    4 Rotation Angle(°) 360
    5 Total Weight (t) Without Counterweight 2 2.7 3.2 4.94 5.05
    Counterweight 1.6 1.8 2.2 2.1 3.2
    6 Delivery Pipe Dimension (mm) φ125
    7 Length of Hose (mm) 2000 3000
    8 Mode of Operation Radio Remote/Cable/Panel Control
    9 Output (kW) 4 5.5
    10 Hydraulic Pressure (Mpa) 20 22
    11 Power 380V/50Hz


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