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Bulldozers are widely used in earthwork, such as construction, road building, mining, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry and national defense construction. Bulldozer, the blade into soil, rely on host momentum to complete soil cutting and push operation.

The bulldozer can carry out the following operations:
Shovel soil and transport soil - push and shovel foundation pit, cut and build embankment.
Filling - backfilling foundation pit, landfill;
Flat - flat construction site and farmland;
Loosening soil -- single tooth loosening device is used for cracked hard rock, such as granite and hard broken road, etc. the three tooth loosening device ruptures hard rock, clay, oil shale and other soft rocks, and the winch can be used to drag logs, pipe laying and traction operations.
Other uses - a booster for a self - scraper to remove tree stump and snow.

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  • Main features:
    ◊ The machine features reasonable layout, excellent performance and advanced technology.
    ◊ Higher engine power reserves efficiency, bigger torque output, lower fuel consumption, while better reliability.
    ◊ Hydraulicly controlled drive, automatically speed regulating and non-stop gear shifting.
    ◊ The final drive uses triangle Spline and tip relief, crowned gear drive to enhance the balance and the stability of the load of transmission Part.
    ◊ The novel hexahedral cab offers excellent visibility, the powerful ventilation and unparalleled dust-free.

    Features of Engine
    ♦ Adopt Cummins CELECT electronic-control fuel system.
    Cummins CM876 Core II electronic-control module adopted for Stable and precise Control.
    ♦ Updated strong—performance turbocharger with wastegated design.
    ♦ New aluminum integrated piston used to meet performance demands and emission regulations.
    Compact configuration and connector design provides excellent power match solution.
    ♦ Advanced electronic Controls for precise operation.
    ♦ Advanced diagnosis and interface technology for good power match and engine service.

    Features of Gearbox
    Hydraulic controlled gearshift is realized by operating the control valve, and without having to stop the machine, when operated with the torque converter to save operator effort.
    The transmission is combined with four planets lines and a rotary lock-up clutch, multiple disc clutch, hydraulic controlled release, forced lubrication, with 3 speeds forward and 3 speeds backward.
    Features of Torque converter
    The hydraulic torque converter for is a newly developed product with the improvement made to the material, process and layout based on introduced Japan KOMATSU technology. It features simple architecture, easy maintenance, low noise, excellent reliability, stepless speed regulating which ensure perfect match to the machine for an outstanding traction and a stable transmission.

    Features of Final Driving
    The final drive uses triangle Spline and tip relief, crowned gear drive for enhanced balance and the stability during power transmission, lower noise, excellent reliability and added life.

    WEIGHT 23600kg
    Model Cummins QSNT-C235
    Type Vertical, 4-cycle, water cooled, electronic injection fuel system and control system-CELECT
    Rated poweriWA/) 175
    Rated speed {r/min) 1800
    Number of c^linders-bore x stroke (mm) 6-0139.7x152.4
    Starting method Starting motor 24V 11kW
    Battery 24V(12Vx2)
    Air cleaner Dry horizontal type with precleaner
    Min fuel consumption ratio(min) 205
    Torque converter 3-element, single-stage, single-phase
    Gearbox Planetary gear, multiple-disc clutch, hydraulic actuated, forced lubrication by gear pump, 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds
    Bevel gear Helical bevel gear. Splash lubricated
    Steering clutch Wet, muitiple-disc clutch, spring loaded, hydraulically released
    Steering brake Wet, band brake, operated with hydraulic booster and
    vaJve inner linkage
    Final drive Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubrica
    Type Sealed single grouser
    Track pitch (mm) 216
    Track width (mm) 560
    Number of track shoesieach side) 38
    Length of track on ground {mm) 2730
    Track gauge (mm) 2000
    Working pressure (Mpa) 13.7
    Rated flow (L/min) {2000r/min) 257
    Pump CBT3160 CBT3160 gear pump
    Control valve Hand-operated plunger servo controlling
    Cylinder, Bore x Rod x Stroke (mm) CD120x (D 70x1043
    Sprocket Segmented
    No. of carrier roller (each side) 2
    No. of track rollers (each side) 6(4 Single, 2 double)
    Track tension Hydrau lie - adjusted
    Floating seals are used in all sprockets, track rollers, carrier rollers and
    TRAVEL SPEED (km/h)
      1st 2nd 3rd
    Forward 3.6 6.5 11.2
    Reverse 4.3 7.7 13.2

    Blade type Straight tilt blade Angle U dozer
    Width x Height (mm) 3725x1315 4365x1055 3684x1255
    Max.lift above ground (mm) 1210 1210 1210
    Max.drop below ground (mm) 540 535 540
    Pitch adjustment (° ) 55 55 55
    Max. Tilt (mm) 735 / 735
    Blade capacity(m3) 6.4 4.7 6.5
    Type Single ripper Three ripper
    Max. dig below ground(mm) 666 666
    Max. lift above ground (mm) 598 555
    Weight (kg) 2572 2570



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